Frequent Q&A

1、How to keep jewelry from tarnishing in jewelry box?

  • In today`s world, Everyone is wearing an elegant and unique jewelry that brings out their personality. But our precious jewelry tends tarnish soon if proper care is not taken. To avoid this problem, You can store your silver pieces with plain blackboard chalk in the jewelry box to absorb moisture .This will keep your jewelry anti-fading.
  • Of course. Choosing a suitable jewelry box is also important to prevent jewelry from tarnishing. The jewelry box of Smileshe has good airtightness and fluff inside to better protect your jewelry from scratches or sunlight.

2、What is a jewelry box?

  • Jewelry box which is the box that stores our precious jewelry and thicker than ordinary boxes. There is also an anti-fall effect, which can effectively protect our precious jewelry. Jewelry boxes are generally more exquisite, and they can also be used as decorations at home.
  • You can refer to Smileshe jewelry box, which can also classify jewelry and it has places for ear studs, rings, and necklaces. Unified storage, easy to take and wear. Put all jewelry in a box, It is not only convenient for storage but also taken it at any time.