About Us

Our Mission

The idea of SMILESHE was born six years ago. It stems from the love of storage and the idea of keeping everyone's life organized. We noticed that exquisite life requires beautiful and flexible jewelry storage space, so we started our business. We are still rooted in these values; our series has now developed to include travel, home, and recent cosmetics series, designed to help you better enjoy the beautiful life;

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The brand has covered multiple categories: travel storage series, Home storage series, and cosmetics series. Each series has emerged a batch of excellent products that have been highly praised by consumers, making the brand "SMILESHE" quickly gain popularity and praise in the industry. SMILESHE is committed to influencing people's attitudes to life, improving people's quality of life, and illuminating the public's enthusiasm for life. We will continue to insist on originality, develop more creative and practical fashion items, and devote ourselves to serving more consumers so that customers can smile with satisfaction.

Our team

Everyone in the group has been committed to developing the company and products to create customers' best products and services. We are constantly growing, just as our products are continually evolving and extending. We also firmly believe that only when customers are satisfied can we continue to go further. Our team is like a family, working together to serve our friends (customers).

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Design Concept:

We always believe that good design conveys not a skill but sincerity. Since the establishment of the Smileshe brand, we have listened to the ideas of customers. Designers think about the design of products from customers' perspective, only to create a variety of storage products that are both aesthetic and practical and meet customer needs. 

Product selection:

Good design also requires suitable raw materials to make good products. Therefore, we are also striving for perfection in the selection of materials.

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We will also control the quality of the products' raw materials at all levels to ensure that there will be no problems with the quality of the products at the source! 


All our products are manufactured by machines that emphasize precision and strictly control details.

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We also value quality. Some parts of our products are also hand-made by experienced personnel. We only work closely with a few carefully selected factories to produce our products. We work closely with suppliers to establish good business partnerships, and we personally visit factories every year to ensure that these high standards are adhered to throughout the production process. Before officially launching the products on the market, we will conduct quality inspections on all products. 

Customer Service

If you have any questions, you can leave a message on the independent station or contact us directly; we can all answer for you. Since each of our products come out, customers have been in our minds. We have a complete after-sales service so that the purchased products can always maintain the best quality, value for money; we do our best to serve customers, and everything is based on the customer's standpoint.

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Whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied with the purchased product, we want to hear your thoughts. We have been committed to providing customers with information promptly using methods that customers can understand and accept, and at the same time collect customer requirements and responses, and conduct effective communication so that we can establish a friendly and strong relationship of mutual trust between us.