Best Tips on Prevent Tarnish on Silver Jewelry

There are many ways to store silver jewelry, but which method do you know is the correct way to keep it? Some of the storage methods are wrong, but maybe many of my friends still don't know it! The best way to store silver jewelry depends on factors such as the jewelry box used and the storage location. Some friends also asked how to keep silver jewelry so as not to cause discoloration? What are the skills? But in fact, the correct storage of silver jewelry is the critical component to prevent corrosion and discoloration.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What causes jewelry to lose its luster?
  • What can prevent silver from discoloration?
  • What are the benefits of buying an anti-tarnishing jewelry box?
  • Which anti-tarnish jewelry storage boxes are better on the market?

1.What causes silver jewelry to lose its luster?

Sulfur and oxygen are the main reasons for the discoloration of silver jewelry. The bruise on silver jewelry results from an oxidation reaction with oxygen in the air and sulfur in the environment. However, the sulfur content in some areas may be relatively high. For example, where you live in a busy traffic area, most of the car exhaust emissions are produced, heavy industry areas (air pollution) and nearby areas have hot springs, etc., the sulfur contained The content is relatively high, so it is essential to keep silver jewelry away from these gas sources. At the same time, chlorine is also one of the causes of silver discoloration. Chlorine exists near water, so you can better prevent it from discoloring by storing your silver products away from these areas.

2.How can I prevent silver jewelry from discoloration?

To prevent discoloration of silver jewelry, please put the jewelry in an airtight container or jewelry box. The anti-tarnish jewelry box is the perfect way to store silver jewelry. Silver jewelry is best stored in a jewelry box lined with felt or flannel lined with anti-tarnishing. The lined felt or flannel helps absorb excess water and prevent premature loss of luster. At the same time, remove the silver jewelry after wearing it and place it in the jewelry box as soon as possible to reduce exposure to the air.

  • Avoid using jewelry boxes with adhesives.

When buying silver jewelry boxes, anything that contains sulfur is harmful to metals. Many jewelry boxes and other jewelry storage products are made with sulfur-containing adhesives, so do not put silver jewelry in containers made of such sulfur-containing bonds to avoid discoloration and blackening of silver jewelry.

  • Add a silica bag to absorb water.

Before storing any silver jewelry, make sure it is clean and dry. Moisture will cause silver to change color faster, so avoid getting it into the water as much as possible. If you don't worry about getting it into the water, please dry the silver jewelry as soon as possible and put it back in the anti-tarnishing jewelry box. The same high humidity is also the main culprit in accelerating the discoloration process of silver jewelry. If you live in a humid climate, your silver jewelry will lose its luster more quickly. You can consider a dehumidifier. If you want to control or remove the moisture in the jewelry box, you can also buy a silica bag for your jewelry box to absorb excess water. Silica bag is ubiquitous, and you can generally find them in many products you purchase; it is very convenient and practical to use this method to absorb water. Then try to find a place where the temperature is stable at home. The more stable the temperature, the better. Put silver jewelry in a dark, calm, and dry place. Try to avoid placing it in humid or direct sunlight. Moisture will cause silver jewelry to change color and black. Long-term direct sunlight will also damage silver jewelry. Silver jewelry will lose its luster quickly when placed in the open. Would you mind lowering the relative humidity of the environment in which it is located to protect it better?

  • Store each piece of silver jewelry separately to avoid damage

Put each piece of jewelry in its area in the jewelry box, store it in categories, or store similar items in the same part, such as putting all silver jewelry together. This separation helps prevent Metals lose their luster when they interact with each other. In addition, storing the discolored silver jewelry with the silver jewelry will cause the two pieces of jewelry to change color more quickly, so it should avoid this situation.

  • Wipe clean surface regularly.

Because silver jewelry is easy to fade, change color or become very dull, the "sulfur" in the air reacts and returns to the state of black raw ore. Chemicals in the air can make silver black, human sweat, water residues, or other chemical substances react faster. Please avoid contact with chemicals, so you must be careful with effort when wearing it, and dry it with a soft towel as soon as possible after contamination.

  • Try to use an anti-tarnishing cloth or an anti-tarnishing jewelry box

When you store jewelry made of silver, wrap them in an anti-tarnish cloth or place them in an anti-tarnish jewelry box. They are good at absorbing oxygen, moisture, and sulfur in the air. Help keep silver jewelry shiny and won't change color easily.

  • Regular polishing

If you find that the silver jewelry you are wearing has started to turn black, you should try to remove the rust on the silver jewelry. Use polishing cloth or silver washing liquid to clean tarnished silver jewelry.

Although even using your precious jewelry box can not eliminate the discoloration of silver jewelry, we can still use the above methods or use an anti-tarnish jewelry box to prevent it from accelerating the discoloration.

3.What are the benefits of buying an anti-tarnish jewelry box?

The advantages of buying an anti-tarnishing jewelry box: First, it better protects metal jewelry to keep its luster and is not easy to oxidize and change color. After all, we all know that metal jewelry, like gold and silver, is more expensive. Once it is easily oxidized, discolored, and polished frequently, it will affect the jewelry's luster to some extent. Second, it can help to classify jewelry better and protect jewelry.

4.Which anti-tarnish jewelry storage boxes are better on the market?

When considering buying a high-quality Anti Tarnish jewelry box, are you worried about where to start? It doesn't matter, I will answer for you. We have compiled some of the best anti-tarnishing jewelry boxes on the market. You can refer to this.

Smileshe Jewelry Box 

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Premium Silver Jewelry Tarnish Prevention Bags Anti-Tarnish Strips 

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Hagerty Hanging Jewelry Keeper Made with Hagerty's Silver Cloth to Prevent Tarnish

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Anti Tarnish Jewelry display Organizer

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ArtBin 6944AG Medium Box 

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    • Smileshe Jewelry Box for Women Girls, PU Leather Organizer Holder Boxes with Lock, 2 Layers Removable Display Storage Travel Case for Rings Earrings Necklaces Bracelets

    The exterior is made of leather, durable, odorless, dustproof, and easy to care for. The internal anti-tarnish velvet design can protect your jewelry from scratches and damage. The exquisite metal lock design makes jewelry safer. This jewelry storage box is designed with double-layer stackable and detachable compartments to create large capacity and save a lot of space, making your desktop look neater.

    • Premium Silver Jewelry Tarnish Prevention Bags Anti-Tarnish Strips 10 Bags 20 1" Tabs Corrosion Protector

    It can protect silver jewelry from rust and corrosion: prevent newly clean fine and fashionable metal products (including silver, gold, copper, bronze, tin, brass, magnesium, steel) from tarnishing, corrosion and oxidation. Keep silver jewelry shiny and bright. They use advanced anti-tarnishing patented technology for protection, no wear, even if it is in direct contact with the items you want to protect! Provide safe, non-toxic, non-wearing environmental protection and anti-tarnishing measures, all of which can maintain the beauty and luster of your sterling silver and other precious metals, including providing different sizes to accommodate various items.

    • Hagerty Hanging Jewelry Keeper Made with Hagerty's Silver Cloth to Prevent Tarnish

    The origin of this product is in China; this material is made of blue silversmith cloth, has more storage space, and has anti-tarnishing properties. And it allows you to polish silverware much less often, so you can use it to place silver jewelry to prevent discoloration.

    • Anti Tarnish Jewelry display Organizer, 6Pcs Small Portable Travel Jewelry Box for Women and Girls to Storage Rings Earrings Bracelet, 3.54 x3.54 x0.79 inches, Antioxidation and Dust-proof

    When you clean and polish jewelry perfectly, it will be oxidized and darkened in a short time, but how to solve it? This Inktells jewelry storage box is your best choice. It is made of safe materials and a buckle frame, and the jewelry is sandwiched between two transparent display plastic films. Its excellent oxidation resistance is beneficial to protect rings, earrings, bracelets, etc., and can better prevent jewelry from oxidation and darkening. It is small, suitable for travel, and can be easily carried in a travel bag.

    • ArtBin 6944AG Medium Box with Removable Dividers, Jewelry & Craft Organizer, [1] Plastic Storage Case with Anti-Tarnish Technology, Clear with Aqua Accents, (10.75" x 7.375"), 0


    Using its exclusive anti-tarnishing technology, the partition of the box contains the patented Zerust additive, which can form a protective layer around the metal surface to prevent discoloration for up to 5 years. It is suitable for storing, organizing, and protecting silver, gold, and other precious metals. It is very suitable for women whose jewelry is made of precious metals such as gold and silver. At the same time, there are 12 detachable partitions, which can be easily moved, added, and adjusted to customize your storage space. The dimensions are 10.75 x 7.375 x 1.75 inches.

    In short, I hope this jewelry storage guide can give you some help, help you understand why silver jewelry is easier to change color faster than other jewelry, and hope to help your silver jewelry stay bright in the next few years.

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