10 DIY jewelry box plans that even beginners can make

Christmas is coming! Are you ready for Christmas gifts for the female friends around you? If you don’t have a clue right now, you can consider giving the jewelry boxes that girls all need as gifts. It will not look precious but also highlight its intentions. Girls love beauty and want to make themselves beautiful. Jewelry that highlights their temperament is indispensable, and the jewelry box is closely related to it!

It is a jewelry box plan for beginners. Use one of the plans to make jewelry boxes for yourself, your lover, or female friends, and create a gift they will cherish for many years. After all, handmade gifts are always precious. It is an excellent way to add storage space to many pieces of jewelry. Girls will like jewelry boxes that can help them organize all the jewelry.

Every free jewelry box plan includes instructions, diagrams, photos, materials, tools, and videos.

Be sure to read each plan carefully to see which one best suits your skill level and needs so that you can make a jewelry box in a few hours or days.

Here are ten free DIY jewelry box plans:

1.Matchbox drawer

It is a fantastic paper jewelry box. I think many children, cute and innovative, will love it. These small matchbox drawers are ideal for storing all kinds of treasures, from jewelry to secret information. And making this jewelry box is super simple; it can complete only a few simple steps and a few materials. Compared with the production of jewelry boxes of other materials, the difficulty of making this matchbox drawer is the lowest. If you don’t believe it, you can try to make it yourself and get a unique matchbox drawer. It will be a pleasant surprise to use it as a small gift for the children!

Plan from the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.


2.Convenient travel leather jewelry box

The production of this convenient small jewelry box is much simpler. The jewelry box is mainly composed of two ordinary small plastic boxes, the exterior is made of PU leather, and the cardboard in the middle is used for earrings. The two-layer design and practical compartment design help you store enough small items such as earrings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, etc.

It also requires relatively few materials, making it a simple jewelry box that is very suitable for spending an hour or two at home. This free jewelry box plan will show you how to turn any idle box in your home into a jewelry box through simple hand-made.

Simple jewelry box making from smileshe


3.Easy DIY earring holder

Make a simple DIY earring holder organize all your earrings and earrings. Beautiful and practical, this design is also straightforward. It is made of wooden boards and decorative aluminum plates, and it can be easily made by only preparing some simple materials. The production process is straightforward, very suitable for beginners to learn. After the production is completed, not only can you put on earrings and earrings, but also can become a unique scenery in your home. Katie’s earring rack plan contains a list of materials, cutting instructions, step-by-step instructions, and many production drawings.

Easy DIY Earring Stand from Katy


4. DIY Recycled Jewelry Box

It is a DIY recycled jewelry box. Very friendly to beginners who are making jewelry boxes for the first time. It has a simple retro look, but you can decorate the jewelry recycling box at will. It is made of the most inconspicuous paper towel roll. The steps are simple and easy to operate, and the materials and tools used are simple. The recycled jewelry box produced is also cute and original. It's also ideal for anything small that can fit in the storage spaces, such as rings and earrings. The plan displays the bill of materials, step-by-step instructions, and many related diagrams.

Plan from Muhaimina

5.Wooden jewelry box with drawer

It is a jewelry box project of John Malecki. The production of this jewelry box originated from his love story. Now the hostess of the jewelry he made has become his wife. The jewelry box is very delicate.

Because it is made of wood, more tools were used during the period, including two drawers, so the construction is more complicated. The 15 steps, tools, and materials needed to make this jewelry box are all in this materials list. This list of each step and required tools and materials is very detailed, and there are related videos and pictures.

From How to Make a Jewelry Box by John Malecki: A Guide to Advanced Woodworking


6.Any jewelry box

If you think it is too troublesome to make a wooden jewelry box. Consider this simple ring jewelry box made of velvet fabric. You only need a box you don't need and a few materials to create a practical and exquisite jewelry box by hand. This handmade jewelry box project will show you how to turn any containers you like into a jewelry box through a simple handmade project.

Any Box Jewelry Box from A Beautiful Mess


7.Pure & Simple jewelry box

It is perfect for giving her (or him!) a surprise with a beautiful gift. It is a unique way to surprise your gift recipients, and your completely handmade items will give it special meaning. Even if you are a beginner in the woodworking field, as long as you have high-quality wood and materials, it is still easy to read this jewelry box plan carefully. The program records each step and a list of required materials.

Plan from American Woodworker Editors


8.Simple Wooden Jewelry Box

It is a simple wooden jewelry box making; beginners can quickly master, a small and exquisite wooden jewelry box can be used as a souvenir collection. The advantage of making your jewelry box is that you can make a unique jewelry box according to your purpose and favorite style; it can paint in the shape and color you want in your heart. If you use it as a gift to your lover or daughter, she will love it. Similarly, to make such a simple wooden jewelry box, you first need to prepare some wood, such as maple and walnut. Tools require a table saw and sander. In this rigid jewelry box plan, you will find:

  • Step-by-step construction instructions.
  • A complete list of materials.
  • Construction drawings and related photos.
  • Tips to help you complete

 Plan from Brad Rodriguez

9.Children's paper jewelry box

When you can make your paper jewelry box for your child, you don't need to spend a lot of money on a designer jewelry box. You will be surprised by how easy it is to make a paper jewelry box. Use a few pieces of cardboard to make such a cute thing~ What's even more extraordinary is that this can be a project that you and your child will do together with your own hands. It will not take a long time. You only need cardboard, pencils, rulers, fabrics, Scissors, a hot glue gun, white glue, yarn, etc. You can give full play to your creativity and work with your child to complete a perfect and lovely paper jewelry box. The plan records every step of making a paper jewelry box, related production pictures, and a list of required materials.

Plan from Muhaiminah Faiz

10.Classic Mitered Jewelry Box

If you like to wear jewelry, you should have a beautiful box to store your most precious jewelry. Although there are many ready-made jewelry boxes on the market, nothing is more fulfilling than making your exquisite jewelry box. It is a fascinating box made of some beautifully patterned maple wood. The bottom drawer slides along the guide rails on both sides of the drawer opening, and the drawer has corresponding grooves, which are very convenient and delicate. You can add more compartments to accommodate more jewelry according to the size and quantity of the jewelry you intend to store. Please use your creativity. The production of this classic wooden jewelry box is more difficult for beginners. The plan provides the tools and materials needed to complete the entire project and each step to achieve it to fully understand how it is done.

Plan from Copyright Woodworker’s Journal 


Through the introduction of the above 10 kinds of jewelry box plans, you will already have the jewelry box you plan to make. Whether you choose to make a relatively simple paper jewelry box or a more difficult wooden delicate jewelry box, I hope this jewelry box plan can help you make your own unique jewelry box.

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