10 Best Jewelry Box Wholesale Websites in China/US

Are you worried about where to find detailed information about wholesale suppliers of high-quality jewelry boxes? Don't worry; this article will get detailed information about some related jewelry box wholesale suppliers. Including jewelry box wholesalers and jewelry box retailers. Hope this article can give you some suggestions!


The following is a list of  jewelry box wholesalers.

  Website Product nation
Alibaba.com Most products China
Made In China.com Most products China
AliExpress Most products  China
NihaoJewelry.com Jewelry and Jewelry Boxes China
LightIntheBox.com Most products China
shein.com Clothing and Jewelry Boxes China
Etsy.com Most products US
Papermart.com Boxes and Jewelry Boxes US


Jewelry and Jewelry Boxes US
eBay.com Most products US


Alibaba.com was founded in 1999. It is a company that provides an e-commerce online trading platform. It is positioned in the online purchasing and wholesale market, helping factories, brand owners, and first-tier wholesalers to attract many buyers, with a considerable number of tens of millions of buyers. Class-level existing wholesale market buyer resources, provide a series of trading tools and create the world's largest wholesale market. And established a strong partnership with the world's top manufacturers. They trade with a large number of manufacturers in Asian and global manufacturing countries.

It provides customers with a large amount of business opportunity information and a convenient and safe online trading market. Select hot-selling new products from many commodities and provide a weather vane for buyers to purchase and wholesale. With high-quality discount sources, Alibaba not only wholesales and supplies all kinds of jewelry gift boxes of different materials, shapes, and sizes, including single-piece jewelry boxes (necklace jewelry boxes and ring boxes wholesale) and large-piece comprehensive jewelry boxes, providing you with competitive Wholesale pricing, while providing special offers and discount rates. In addition, the products have covered 12 industries, including raw materials, industrial products, clothing and apparel, household goods, small commodities, etc., providing a series of supply products and services from essential materials-production-processing-spot products. They do not offer counterfeit, substandard, or fake orders.

At the same time, the products are certified, and strict quality control measures are taken before the products are displayed on the website. High-quality discount sources, Alibaba is the first choice for China's procurement and wholesale!

2.Made in China.com

Made In China.com has been operating stably for more than 20 years and is one of China's largest e-commerce platforms that provide B2B transactions.

Made-in-China.com is oriented to the world and mainly focuses on supplying first-class products made in China to different local and foreign markets worldwide. The website only cooperates with Chinese manufacturers that produce and supply standard products.

If you are looking for all kinds of jewelry boxes, wholesale or wholesale custom jewelry boxes? Made in China, you can choose as an option.

This website provides a large number of jewelry boxes, jewelry gift boxes, packaging boxes, jewelry cartons, and other box wholesale products and wholesale supplies for various industries. The wholesale price and minimum wholesale volume of each wholesale product are transparent. The display on the website provides the contact information of various related product suppliers to understand the products and wholesale product prices quickly. The website also offers ten languages in multiple countries so that customers from different countries can preview the website more quickly.


AliExpress is a cross-border e-commerce platform created by Alibaba for the international market. AliExpress is for overseas buyers and customers. It uses AliExpress international accounts for secured transactions, and It uses international logistics channels for transportation. Shipping is the third largest English online shopping site in the world. AliExpress does not have a minimum order quantity requirement because it is aimed at individuals and small businesses. It sells and wholesales a large number of jewelry boxes and covers 30 first-level industry categories such as apparel, 3C, home furnishing, and accessories.

If you do not want to buy a jewelry box with more than five pieces and want to buy a jewelry box at a lower price, you can consider AliExpress; if the order quantity reaches five or more at a time, the bulk price will provide, or You can even negotiate with the supplier yourself.


NihaoJewelry.com was established in 2013 and is still one of the high-quality online platforms for buying jewelry boxes, specializing in wholesale jewelry boxes. It is a jewelry packaging wholesale market with a factory where buyers can place orders. Nihaojewlery is a professional supplier of fashion jewelry, accessories, and jewelry boxes, with more than 100,000 items in stock, and customers can choose from a variety of categories.

They can arrange special deliveries, saving buyers resources, costs and time. They are their factories, and they can arrange shipments the first time, saving you a lot of cost and time. All production chains are completed in their factories. There are special inspectors to control the product quality. There is no minimum order quantity on the website, all prices are wholesale, and new products are on the shelves every day. In addition, Nihao Jewelry also owns some well-known jewelry box manufacturers. Therefore, you can order or directly purchase any of these two types of services by telling them what you want to achieve, the one you are satisfied with.


LightIntheBox is an online retailer integrating supply chain services in China. The company has a series of manufacturers and long-term logistics partners. LightIntheBox was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Beijing. Their product categories are mainly concentrated in wedding dresses, home furnishings, and 3C products, but there are also a few types of jewelry boxes wholesale; its shopping website is available in multiple major languages, so there is no need to worry about language problems, and it also provides customers with an A convenient way to purchase a variety of lifestyle products at attractive prices. If you want to wholesale jewelry boxes, you might as well refer to it; maybe you can find the type of jewelry boxes you want to wholesale.


SHEIN is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce company with a series of suppliers and logistics partners. It mainly sells women's clothing and provides a variety of jewelry boxes, men's clothing, accessories, and shoes, specifically for consumer markets such as Europe, the United States, Australia, and the Middle East. Logistics transportation can reach more than 150 countries and regions around the world.


Etsy is an online store platform with the main feature of buying and selling handicraft products. It mainly sells jewelry, clothing and shoes, household goods, toys, and gifts, etc. It also sells a variety of customized jewelry boxes. The website gathers many influential and appealing handmade art designers, mainly selling original and handmade products. If you are looking for more unique and inspiring jewelry boxes, the Etsy website is worthy of your consideration.

8. Papermart.com

Paper Mart is one of the largest and most complete box packaging stores in the United States and an electronic platform that specializes in wholesale boxes. Their products mainly provide wholesale jewelry boxes, jewelry cartons, jewelry gift boxes, plastic boxes, bread boxes, and another box packaging. Paper Mart has more than 26,000 products with a sufficient inventory to meet your needs quickly and seamlessly. They guarantee the lowest price, fastest shipping, and delivery. At the same time, they provide wholesale jewelry boxes of various styles, shapes, and colors to meet the multiple needs of customers. You will find the package that suits you best from wholesale containers used for transportation and commercial purposes.


They are a jewelry supply and distribution company located near Sacramento, California, with decades of experience. They have a lot of products. They not only supply jewelry, including Swarovski crystals, all kinds of gems and pearls that all girls love, but also wholesale jewelry boxes that are closely related to jewelry. Customers can find them here. The perfect jewelry box to meet its packaging needs. They offer volume discounts for all products and only trade at wholesale prices. Their goal is to provide customers with the best products, prices, and services. Their current shipping fee is $49 or more to enjoy free shipping.


eBay is an online auction and shopping website that allows people worldwide to buy and sell goods online. It has a history of more than 20 years. Its operating system is very mature. The merchants who can sell goods on the platform are selected and selected, so shop on the platform Relatively safe. Millions of furniture, jewelry boxes, and electronic products are sold on eBay every day. There are many different styles, cost-effective, and inexpensive jewelry boxes on eBay. Consider buying a small number of jewelry boxes.


From the above knowledge, Alibaba International Station, AliExpress, and Made-in-China have large platforms, significant traffic, and relatively low prices. There are more jewelry box suppliers and more choices. If you have sizeable wholesale jewelry boxes, you can consider looking for cheap and high-quality jewelry box wholesalers on Alibaba International Station. If the order quantity is relatively small or you want to customize a small number of jewelry boxes, you can consider AliExpress, Made-in-China.com, and Nihao Jewelry.com. If you're going to buy one or a few jewelry boxes, you can consider LightIntheBox and SHEIN, which are faster and more convenient.

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