How to choose a jewelry gift box:Six tips to teach you to choose quickly

Nowadays, many female friends like to buy all kinds of jewelry to dress themselves up. If you buy too much jewelry, storage becomes a problem. When you are not using jewelry, improper storage will affect the life of the jewelry, and forget it after wearing it. Putting it in the right place is easy to cause loss or not easy to find, which reflects the importance of a suitable jewelry box, so a suitable jewelry box is essential for female friends. If you want to give gifts to female friends around you, you can consider gift jewelry boxes! It is also quite practical for them! In addition to matching the shape and material of exquisite jewelry, a perfect jewelry gift box also needs the unity of practicability and convenience.

But many people don't know how to choose when buying jewelry gift boxes, so what are the tips for choosing jewelry box gifts?

 1、Identify the object of the gift

First of all, who are you going to give this jewelry box to? for myself? Is it family? Is it a girlfriend? Or a special friend? Or a child? An adult?

For example, if it is a gift box for adult female friends, you have to understand their needs and preferences for the jewelry box, such as what material or color they like, or the space size of the jewelry box. ? What she likes is the small jewelry gift box? Or is it a single jewelry box or a combination jewelry box? For those who have a lot of jewelry and need practical storage space, stackable jewelry boxes or drawer-type jewelry boxes are ideal. Stackable jewelry boxes consist of trays that can be stacked together. Each tray or drawer may have a different layout, so there are many options to store different jewelry, and the storage space is relatively large.

If it is for children, children usually like cute and colorful jewelry boxes that glow or have music. Jewelry gift boxes specially prepared for children, including unicorn boxes, Disney character boxes, princess boxes, music jewelry boxes, beautiful ballerina jewelry boxes, delicate key lock boxes...all are quite cute and in line with The needs of children. They are charming and cute souvenirs. They are also very suitable for placing children's jewelry. As jewelry box gifts, mirrored jewelry boxes and rotating jewelry boxes with music are very cute. They also have various compartments and trays for children's jewelry.

2、Purchase according to material

The fabric of the jewelry box is like the clothes of the jewelry box. There are several common jewelry box fabrics, including PU leather, velvet, and forged surface fabrics. Most of the fabrics of high-quality jewelry boxes are high-quality PU fabrics, with clear texture, rich texture, fine luster, waterproof and stain-proof, and can ensure that they will not fade for many years, while most of the inferior jewelry boxes use inferior PU leather, which is easy to appear Cracking phenomenon, the leather surface is easy to age, and the service life of the fabric is short.

The same wood jewelry box is a good choice. First, it is durable, simple and generous, especially in the preservation of high-end jewelry. Wooden jewelry boxes are not easy to produce chemical changes, can protect jewelry and help prevent moisture accumulation, which is very suitable for storing fine jewelry. Therefore, it is much better than jewelry boxes made of other materials. The second is that on the wooden jewelry box without decoration, you can directly engrave, spray, and customize the design pictures on the surface, which is very suitable for making decorations at home.

Glass jewelry box is another choice. It is wear-resistant and anticorrosive. There are many different sizes, most of which are small jewelry gift boxes, but their design is usually relatively simple, consisting of a simple compartment, glass jewelry box and The combination of fashion elements gives them a strong sense of the times and a modern atmosphere, making them look very unique and attractive. These are great gifts. But they are more fragile than other types of jewelry boxes, so they are not the best choice for long-term storage of jewelry.

3、Purchase according to internal workmanship

The internal workmanship of high-quality jewelry gift boxes should be fine. Only fine internal workmanship can better preserve jewelry. Most of the interiors of high-quality jewelry boxes are made of high-quality flocking fabrics. Avoid jewelry that may wear down. The interior of inferior jewelry boxes is mostly made of rough materials and poor materials. In severe cases, the jewelry will turn green, oxidize, and have peculiar smells, and lose the original luster and brightness. Pay attention to the internal workmanship, try to choose high-quality materials, so that not only the jewelry box can be used for a long time, but the jewelry inside can also be taken care of.

4、Choose according to daily needs

The selection of jewelry boxes and gift boxes should also pay attention to daily needs. If you need to travel frequently or like to travel, portable and small jewelry boxes or jewelry bags are essential. They can hold a small amount of jewelry but meet your needs when you go out. The need to dress nicely. If you like to take off the jewelry before going to bed, then we can put a small jewelry box on the bedside table; if you are used to taking off the jewelry box while taking a bath, you can also put a small wooden jewelry box in the bathroom, etc. Avoid water damage to the jewelry. In fact, different habits and uses are different for the jewelry boxes we buy. Generally speaking, you have to see if they suit your daily needs.

5、Choose according to the number of jewelry

Is it intended to be used for a single piece of jewelry or to put multiple pieces together? Before choosing a jewelry box, it is best to look at the number, type, material hardness, and style size of the jewelry we hold. If the jewelry is large in quantity and variety, and you want to store them together, you need a large-capacity jewelry box. The jewelry box will be divided into many small compartments and places for placing necklaces according to categories. If there are many rings, a jewelry box with a large number of ring pads is needed, and can place each ring in it; if it is a lot of small pieces of jewelry, such as There are many earrings, earrings, bracelets, bracelets, then you can consider a jewelry box with multiple compartments or compartments so that you can store them separately; if there are many necklaces, you need more hooks, or there is a jewelry box with a good design, There is enough space to hang your necklace. In this way, it is much more convenient for us to use or store jewelry. Some people like jewelry boxes with locks as an extra precaution. Suppose you plan to put your valuable jewelry in a jewelry box when traveling or on a business trip; It also can consider a jewelry box with a lock.

6、Choose according to the visual appeal

Consider the shape and appearance of the jewelry box. It is an item that will store in your home for several years. You may see it every day, or even other people in the house, so its beauty is also essential. No one wants you not to want your jewelry box to dazzle or embarrass you. There are many different designs of jewelry boxes. The most common shapes of single-piece jewelry boxes are round, rectangular, oval, or square boxes. Generally, square jewelry boxes are mostly, but there are many other options to choose from, such as some individuals. Custom jewelry boxes will have other shapes, such as diamonds, heart-shaped or shell-shaped, or unique. But generally speaking, conventional shapes are more spacious and convenient than unique shapes. You can find one in any style you like, from fashionable modern designs to more complex classical designs. If you want to give a jewelry gift box to others, you can consider the other person’s favorite style, etc. There are many choices.


Choosing the correct jewelry box may seem complicated and time-consuming, but it is an essential task for anyone who cherishes jewelry. It is part of the fun of having jewelry and an essential aspect of maintaining and preserving jewelry. Take a moment to consider all your needs and choices, and you will find something that will satisfy you. The same jewelry box is also very suitable as a gift; It is suitable for all kinds of occasions, people of all ages, and beautiful gifts for all kinds of relationships.

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