Too many jewelry. Have you solved the problem of storing jewelry that bothered you?

As the saying goes, exquisite girls need to be carefully crafted. Therefore, every girl will buy a variety of exquisite and shiny jewelry, more or less.  

What comes next is, for example, after a girl carefully prepares her clothes and finds the jewelry she wants to match is missing, or the necklace she finds is entangled again, how to store much jewelry, how to choose a suitable jewelry storage box for girls, etc.!

Next, the article will explain to you from common jewelry storage problems to how to solve jewelry storage problems!

The storage problem of jewelry is troubling! Before solving the problem of jewelry storage, we must first find the problem!

Problem 1: The number of jewelry is large and fragmented, and it is easy to play "missing."

As we all know, there are so many types of jewelry that there are too many to count. Like our standard ring earrings, earrings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., there are many types and different shapes. Small jewelry such as rings, earrings, and earrings are easy to lose without paying attention. These are all small pieces of jewelry. Reasons for complex storage.


Problem 2: Easy to damage; professional maintenance is too troublesome.

According to the different materials of jewelry, jewelry is mainly divided into four categories. Gold and silver jewelry, gem jewelry, pearl jewelry, and artificial jewelry made of artificial materials. If exposed to the sun for a long time or without regular maintenance, it is easy to get some friction and damage. Another point is that if the jewelry is not stored, it is easy to fall off and oxidize to green. Watching your favorite jewelry continue to oxidize and turn green, I feel uncomfortable. Therefore, to solve this problem, the storage of jewelry is significant.


How to solve the above jewelry storage problem?

1. Achieve classified storage

(1) This fragmentary and precious jewelry is the most taboo piled together. The diamonds on the ring, the pendant on the necklace, and the earrings are effortless to entangle with each other, and they will break if you apply a little force. It is not worth the loss; when the entanglement is unwound, it takes a lot of patience.

(2) When we use the jewelry storage box to do an excellent job of classification and summarization and return it in time, then when we look for a suitable jewelry collocation, it is more convenient and quicker, and the jewelry is not easy to lose.

2. Closed storage

We all know that jewelry is not like other furniture products; it is easy to take care of after being stained. So try to avoid dust and friction, and use closed storage to solve this problem. So when looking for a jewelry box to store, try to find a closed jewelry box.

3. Find a suitable jewelry storage box

We have to make the above two points. We still need a jewelry storage box. Finding a suitable jewelry storage box can solve more than 90% of the jewelry storage problem. But how to buy a suitable jewelry storage box? Some female friends will ask and buy a large jewelry box, but I don't have so much jewelry, and I don't need a jewelry box with such ample space, which wastes space and money. Buying a small jewelry box, and fearing that there is not enough jewelry, also needs to buy a place in the bedroom, which seems to be a waste of space on the dressing table. I usually need to travel for work and bring some jewelry, but it is easy to lose and not easy to find in an everyday bag. Which kind of jewelry box is easy to carry, does not occupy space, and can meet my needs? Therefore, it is not easy and essential to find a suitable and beautiful jewelry storage box.

Let me introduce you to the jewelry box that solves the problem of jewelry storage.

1. Smileshe Rectangle Jewelry Box

If you have a lot of necklaces, the question you may be worried about is how to arrange so many necklaces to prevent knotting. Once this delicate and small necklace is entangled and knotted, you need to have enough patience to untie it. Thinking about it, I find it troublesome! A jewelry organizer box organizer can solve this problem.

The Smileshe Rectangle Jewelry Box can perfectly solve this problem.

That is a jewelry box for earrings and necklaces, and It is a cheap large jewelry box,has good quality and low price. They have enough capacity to store jewelry: the top cover part has eight necklace hooks and the lower elastic pocket, the top layer includes five earring panels, nine ring grooves, and one long compartment. There are six equal-sized compartments on the bottom layer for earrings, hairpins, or other small accessories. The delicate metal lock design provides more security for jewelry. This jewelry organizer box design with a double stackable layer and removable compartments creates a large capacity and saves a lot of space to make your desktop look tidier.


And its exterior is made of leather, which is very durable, odorless, dustproof, and easy to take care of. The velvet interior design can protect your jewelry from scratches and damage. 

The black jewelry storage box is dirt-resistant and straightforward, and the simple interior design style is also easy to clean the inside of the jewelry box. Not only can it be used by yourself, but it is also suitable for gifts. The white jewelry box is also very suitable for your female friends. It couldn't be more intimate.


2. Smileshe Large Square Jewelry Box

If you have a lot of small jewelry such as rings and earrings, you can choose Smileshe Large Square Jewelry Box.

Come for storage. Its top layer includes six earring panels(A total of 24 pairs of ear studs can be placed), ten ring grooves(It can place at least 20 rings ), and 12 equal size compartments and one big compartment(Can put lipstick), which can place much small jewelry such as earrings, earrings, rings, etc. There are nine equal-sized compartments on the bottom layer, placing bracelets, hair clips, or other small accessories. Beautiful and neat. Durable.

The same material is also made of leather, durable and dustproof. There are four colors.


3. Smileshe Small Portable Travel Case

Some friends may not want the jewelry box too large to occupy too much space but also want to achieve the effect of jewelry storage.
Then you can consider this Smileshe Small Portable Travel Case. This mini double-layer jewelry box has six slots and three detachable compartments at the bottom for storing rings, earrings, earrings, lipsticks, and other items. The top cover part has five hooks and lowers elastic pockets, which can perfectly hold the necklace and bracelet in place and prevent the diamond or gemstones from falling ash on the necklace. There is an earring panel in the middle part for placing earrings and earrings. It can be stored without taking up space!

It is small, portable, and light in weight, and the button design is convenient to open and close; it can be easily put in a handbag or suitcase and keep all your jewelry in an order. It is also convenient for travel, tourism, weekend business trips, or business trips.

4. Smileshe Mini Palm Jewelry Box Storage Case

The mini jewelry box with cream color on the outside and pink on the inside is very lively and fresh. It is divided into four areas: short earrings, storage bag, arc storage area, ring wave groove, and a small number of earrings, earrings, and rings. Suitable for girls who like to travel lightly or on short-term business trips. Small and easy to carry, its unique tassel rope breaks the traditional zipper design.

Simple and compact design jewelry box, elegant appearance, suitable for all women and girls, simple without losing girls' heart. There are two classic and lovely colors of sky blue and milky white to choose from.


We often encounter the problem of complex jewelry storage. You choose the correct jewelry box and sort it out, and put it back in time. That can solve the problem. 

Through the four jewelry boxes introduced above, there are large-capacity jewelry boxes and can be put at home, and small and portable travel jewelry boxes, which can solve girls' fundamental jewelry storage problem. There will be no less jewelry in the bedroom or on the dressing table, and no more miniature jewelry box is also necessary.

At the same time, the jewelry box storage box is also one of the choices for gifts for girls. If you don't know what gifts to give to the girls around you, it will not look costly, exceed your budget, and reflect the value of the gift. Consider the jewelry box, which is both practical and cost-effective.

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