2022 Best Travel Jewelry Case for Sale

Where to Buy a Travel Jewelry Case?  

SMILESHE is a company which dedicated to the independent design of jewelry box. It aims to serve friends who love jewelry all over the world. We strive to let customers, especially women customers, find the most desirable jewelry box and look forward to seeing consumers’ satisfied smiles. 

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  1. Where to Buy a Travel Jewelry Case?
  2. Why Buy a Travel Jewelry Organizer?
  3. How to Choose a Jewelry Gift Box?
  4. Best Travel Jewelry Case for Sale
  5. Guess You Need More Than What You See

Jewelry box is suitable for:

  • It's the best choice for gifts
  • It is the ideal home for gems
  • It's elegant stuff to decorate your space

       It looks very tiny on the outside, but the space is carefully divided. I can accommodate much more space than imagined.  When I picked it up, it was as light as a fluffy loaf of bread.  



                                                                  ---------Amy, loyal member of SMILESHE

      Why Buy a Travel Jewelry Organizer?

      However, going on holiday with jewels is always a bit complicated. Even if it’s just for a weekend. It is not easy to decide in advance what you will wear a few days later, if you travel for an official meeting or have an appointment, you may need to put on the appropriate jewelry. Besides, every time you have a trip, you will always want to take your favorite jewelry. You hope that it can keep your earrings, bracelets and necklaces safe by putting in a collection tool which small and light but has enough room to store all of your gems and other jewelry.

      If we put the jewelry in a bag or our luggage cases, it can ruin each other if placed too close. Packing them one by one is sundry. The jewels in a suitcase run even more risk than in a bag, especially if you travel by plane. What to do? So a travel-size jewelry box is the best choice!

      They are small boxes explicitly designed to hold the jewels so that they do not ruin them. They have some independent space. Also, the jewels are not lost because they are all gathered together, and you do not have to look for them in all the corners of a bag. In this way, moreover, they are also easier to control.

      Meanwhile, It has an exquisite appearance. So the boxes are the best gift for Valentine's Day, Birthday, Mothers' Day, Christmas or Wedding. Its Simple and compact design with an elegant outer look is perfect for all women and girls. Good presents for mother, girlfriend, wife, daughter, friends. 

      How to Choose a Jewelry Gift Box ?

      Once you have your jewelry packing list, you may need a collecting tool. Here are some factors for you to consider: 

      • The type of material
      • Size and shape
      • The type you want to store
      • Your spending budget

      The type of material:

      The boxes are often made of velvet, leather and wood. First, the velvet material touches comfortable. And visually gives people a sense of nobility. It goes well with expensive accessories. So many women favor it. The next one is a leather jewelry box. The waterproof leather is excellent. But we do not recommend rubbing it with alcohol for way from corroding. Some leather made by pigskin or cowhide is soft, so we should pay attention to sharp scratches. Leather styles are also very suitable for men, and they can be sweet or cool in style. We can say that leather jewelry box styles are often very fashionable. Wooden material is more durable and rugged. Generally speaking, wooden jewelry boxes are heavier. If you like a pure style or are looking for a men's jewelry box, you can have one. 

      Size and shape: 

      Jewelry boxes are usually divided into three sizes: large, medium and small.

      They often come in various shapes, such as Round, buoyant, rectangular, book shape, polygon, cabinet shape, etc. Traveling often means limited space in your carry-on or luggage. So we should choose one moderately sized. For example, this earring box looks like a book, which is the gospel of earring lovers. When you open this "earring book," you can see your jewelry at a glance. It saves much space and is easy to carry. It's a beautiful roll-up travel jewelry case for your trip.


      Travel jewelry boxes have many styles and configurations. Many people like simple travel jewelry boxes now. Of course, different people have different preferences. If you are an earring enthusiast, you may need a specialized case to place your studs and hooks. Choose one that best fits your collection and go with it. Or when you take the most precious one-wedding ring or engagement ring, you may buy a luxury ring case for it. People who want to hang up their necklaces can choose a necklace hook convenient for arranging the necklace and won`t be knotted easily. So you may need jewelry display cases. Collecting bracelets need a movable free adjustment area suitable for storing bracelets, lipstick, etc. Anyway, SMILESHE Round Portable Jewelry Box can suit you perfectly. 

      Spending Budget

      If you want to carry it easily for short trips, you can buy a relatively cheap jewelry box. If you value the quality of the jewelry box and want a durable product, you should find a professional brand. Perhaps the price is not the most important consideration when choosing a travel jewelry box. But products with high quality and low price are most popular with the public. I would recommend SMILESHE PU Leather Small Portable Travel Case. The product has received rave reviews on Amazon. The monthly sales are also relatively high. It has three colors--glitter white, black and pink .you can pick anyone you like.   

      Best Travel Jewelry Case for Sale

      Are you still struggling to find the correct jewelry box? Are you still worried about the quality of the products? SMILESHE reviews are here to provide you with a better insight into the quality and performance of the jewelry products.

      This case got here quickly. I was shocked when I received the box. It truly is a beautiful way to organize all my favorite sparkly things. It holds more of my accessories than I thought. Anyway, it’s cheap and fine. Definitely buy again.                                              

                                                        --------- Shanna loyal customer of SMILESHE

        A perfect & convenient jewelry safe that women will treasure & love.


      • Great Gift Choice

      The concept of this brand is that simple but practical. The products have a beautiful exterior and space-saving interior. So both romantics and pragmatists will love it. Whenever you're struggling with situations, it’s an excellent gift for your friends, colleagues, family members and the one you love.

      • Ideal Home for Gems

      As for style design, it targets the needs of different age groups. It has a neat buckle style and zipper designs that are easy to carry with. Besides, there are button-free styles that are easy to open, what's more. As a precious memory, you might want to stock up on your gem ring or the diamond ring your husband gave you. If you want to keep it separately, a single ring box with lights is the answer.  If you're a procrastinator, you may want those gems to be in the same place quietly to save time on organizing. Then a comprehensive case will suit you well. Or you like to store your jewelry separately; you can choose earring boxes, bracelet boxes, etc.


      • Beautiful Decoration

      As a girly girl at heart, you may need a small jewelry box to match your room. Or, in contracted space, the casket can have the work that makes the finishing point.

      In addition, SMILESHE also supplies other personalized travel jewelry boxes such as leather jewelry cases, Acrylic jewelry cases and velvet jewelry cases.

      Part of Products for Sale:

      Guess You Need More Than What You See

      1、How to use a jewelry case

      Generally speaking, a jewelry box holds earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories. You can put earrings in the corresponding groove, or you can hang bracelets and necklaces on hooks. Some jewelry boxes have moveable space where you can store your gems as needed. By the way, remember to put it in an airy place without dampness and avoid exposure to the sun. That will give it more extended service life. Anyway, different types of boxes are used in different ways. When receiving the product, if there is a corresponding product manual, we can refer to the above method of use.   

      2、How to keep jewelry from tarnishing in jewelry box?

      First, you need to keep it dry. Jewelry exposed to the air for a long time can quickly become tarnishing, especially when it has been in a humid environment. Because moisture is effortless to discolor jewelry, so try to keep it in a ventilated place and prevent exposure to the sun.

      Next, it is best to store jewelry separately. The friction between metals is the most likely to make jewelry scratch and then lose luster.  So we should prevent the jewelry from touching each other take care not to let them contact the inside of the box. In everyday life, reduce direct contact jewelry with our hands, and avoid changing their position often.  


      3、How to clean a travel jewelry box?

      If you want to dust the box's surface while keeping it dry, you can use your home mini vacuum cleaner or a cotton towel to clean the surface and interior of the box. However, in the dry case often can not wipe the stains. Then you can use a wet towel wipe dipped in dish washing liquid to clean it. You can also repeat the process with a softer toothbrush.

      4、How to keep necklaces from tangling?

       a. You Can Separate Your Ornaments with Napkins

      Wrapping your jewelry with napkins is a good option. It's a quick process. All you need is a roll of paper. But this approach can be a little wasteful;  It is suitable for use when ornaments are not too much. Remember to keep it in a dry place.

       b. Use Plastic Wrap to Store Necklaces

      You can cut the plastic wrap to get a suitable size for the ornament. To prevent the plastic wrap from breaking, you can wrap it in several layers. That also plays the role of oxygen isolation while preventing metal jewelry rust. It may be a bit complicated to take out, so it's suitable for long-term storage.

       c. Hang Them on the Little Clothes Rack

      If you have a small portable hanger in your home, you can hang the necklaces separately and hold them in place without tying them. Remember, keep it out of the sun or humidity. Such as your dressing table and study. And be careful to handle with care to avoid collision when accessing.

       d. Try Trays to Store Necklaces Without Tangling

      You should be able to find a giant tray in your home, like the snack tray, etc. These trays work in the same way as necklaces -- keeping them separate but together.  When all parts are filled, wrap the entire tray in plastic wrap.


      5、How do I Purchase a Quality Product from SMILESHE?

      You can purchase SMILESHE products from the official website www.smileshe.com. We have received honest feedback from 120 consumers, our repurchase rate has been industry-leading, and the average rating is 4.92. We have efficient logistics speed, generally within three days will deliver your good. Anyway, the most important thing is choosing the best products according to your actual needs.

      We Are Always Here for Your Needs

      Well, standard questions such as price, design philosophy or delivery time are also free to ask. Say what you need; WE ARE ALWAYS LISTENING.

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