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If you have carefully prepared a ring for proposal, marriage or gift to an important person, but there is still a problem that bothers you, how to choose the correct jewelry box for rings only for your ring and show it to your loved one in a better way Achieved a multiplier effect with half the effort. A suitable ring matched with a suitable ring gift box

At the same time, proper storage can make the ring longer, not easy to lose or make the ring wear and lose its luster, so it is imperative to choose a good jewelry box for the ring. Ring boxes stored a ring in a soft lining and less exposure to sunlight. Next, I will introduce you to the top 6 ring jewelry boxes which are very suitable for engagement or marriage and can solve your worries~ Let's take a look!

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Round flannel small ring box
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Hexagonal flannel small ring gift box
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Octagonal flannel ring gift box
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Round corner PU leather ring jewelry box
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Rounded high-end custom ring jewelry box
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Rounded gold rim ring jewelry box
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6 Best Ring Jewelry Box Review

1、Smileshe Round flannel small ring box

If you have carefully prepared a ring box for a proposal to propose, but there is a problem that bothers you, find a small ring box with a delicate ring that is difficult to find easily, and show it to your lover in a more surprising way.

High-quality materials & exquisite design: 

This round flannel small ring box has a compact design, simple, elegant and exquisite, with a flat ring groove, high-quality satin cloth rim, and flat edge without wrinkles. It is crafted to highlight the brilliance of the ring. Made of high-quality fabric flannel, it has a delicate touch and a soft luster. It is specially designed for your marriage ring box for proposal. It is small and difficult to be found. It is very suitable for surprises when it comes to a marriage proposal! The home of the ring, the promised love. It is not only a tiny ring box but also a souvenir full of special memories. 

Colors & logos:46 colors and exclusive logos can be customized. Among them, Red ring boxes and pink ring boxes are the most popular among people.

Volume & weight: The trim ring box has a length of 49mm * width of 49mm *, a height of 46 mm, and 34 g. It is light and easy to carry. It's very suitable as a proposal ring box.

2、Smileshe hexagonal flannel small ring gift box

The ring gift box that carries women's dreams:

Every woman dreams of having her unique ring, and the home that contains the ring of women's dreams is also significant. A suitable ring gift box matched A beautiful ring, a delicate flannel. The small ring jewelry box suddenly appeared in front of him.

Unique design & high-quality materials:

Classic hexagonal flannel ring gift box, exquisite artistry, bright colors combined with high-quality flannel, bright, soft and smooth, as if wrapped in a layer of romance and elegance belonging to women. Beautiful dreams are worth keeping for a lifetime! Double ring grooves, high-quality satin cloth edging, flat and wrinkle-free edging, meticulous artistry, very suitable for engagement/wedding , and can accommodate bride and groom engagement/wedding ceremony rings.


This ring gift box is suitable for wedding photography, ring storage, proposal, engagement, wedding, ceremony, anniversary, souvenir storage, heirloom storage, etc. Putting two rings in your pocket without losing them is also great for travel. This multi-ring jewelry box is a meaningful decoration designed for women who dream of having their rings.

Volume & weight: The ring gift box is 53 mm long by 46 mm wide by 46 mm high and weighs 40 g.That is a perfect engagement ring box.

Colors & logos: a variety of colors and customized logos are chosen. Red velvet ring box and pink ring box are the most popular among people.

3、Smileshe Octagonal flannel ring gift box

The meaning of the ring gift box:

Wedding rings will accompany us throughout our lives. Choose an exquisite and ring box for a wedding ceremony to keep it with love and make love more complete. The ring gift box puts not only the ring but also the promise of life. Hold your hand and grow old with you. The accompanying wedding ring box is a symbol and representative of marriage, becoming a meaningful souvenir.


The classic octagonal flannel ring box will be the most beautiful packaging in your wedding ring. The beautiful and unique octagonal flannel ring gift box makes souvenirs wherever it is placed in decoration and fond memories. Not only can it be stored, but it can also use for decoration, and it can use for various important occasions (such as engagement and wedding occasions).

Volume & weight: The ring gift box is 50mm in length * 50m in width * 45mm in height and weighs 44g, which is easy to carry and place. 

Exceptional design & practical structure: high-quality satin cloth edging, flat and wrinkle-free edges, meticulous artistry, stylish and straightforward cover design, flat double-ring groove, a good choice for engagement ring boxes and wedding ring boxes, ring storage more convenient. The inner cover is soft flannel, which can better protect the top of the ring. 

Colors: The colors are high-end and luxurious. Provide 40 kinds of custom colors for you to choose from. Red ring boxes and pink ring boxes are most popular with female friends.

4、Smileshe round corner PU leather ring jewelry box

Are you bothered because your ring jewelry box at home quickly gets dirty and often needs to be cleaned? Then this round corner PU leather ring box will be very suitable for you!


The round corner PU leather ring jewelry box is durable and resistant to dirt. It is suitable for engagement and marriage, short trips, and storage of rings. It is a must-have ring box for a gift at home!

High-quality material texture:

The exterior is made of high-grade PU leather, with clear texture, touching and durable, and resistant to dirt. The inner core is selected from bead velvet, and the texture is soft and delicate to care for the ring. The high-end inner edge is more delicate and pleasant, and the fabric is flat and wrinkle-free. Light luxury, elegant.

Volume & Weight: The box is 50mm long*60mm wide*, 55mm high, and weighs 55g.

Color: There are two colors (white and pink) to choose from. A white ring box is very popular with women. Women who like atmosphere and straightforward style deserve to have it.

5、Smileshe rounded high-end custom ring jewelry box.

First choice for gifts: round high-end custom ring boxes are your first choice for multi-ring jewelry boxes for lovers and mothers. Mother and wife are the most important people in your life. The matching ring jewelry box should also show its elegant and respectful style When you choose a ring to give them.

Exquisite artistry: 

The outer skin is made of PU leather, the edges and corners are smooth, the inner core material is delicate and plush, elegant and elegant, and the inner ring is more delicate.

Multi-purpose: can be used for engagement and wedding, ring storage. A single ring box can be carried when traveling.

Volume & weight: The box is L60*W65*H52 in mm and weighs 109g. 

Colors:4 atmospheric colors to choose from.

6、Smileshe rounded gold rim ring jewelry box

Quality material: The outer part of the ring box is made of delicate PU leather, and the inner core material is a combination of microfiber and satin cloth. It feels delicate, and the texture of the material highlights the beauty of integration. 

Unique design: The outer ring of the earring and ring jewelry box is decorated with gold edges and metal dots, which is more noble and luxurious, and the style is exquisite and unique. It is suitable for storing all kinds of accessories and can also be used for engagements, weddings and gift-giving.

Volume & weight: The box has a length of 65mm * width of 65mm *, a height of 63mm and a weight of 113g. There are two classic colors of atmospheric red and noble green for your choice.

There are several small ring jewelry boxes that are small and exquisite, simple and elegant, noble and luxurious~ Hurry up and choose one to provide a warm home for your beloved ring!

Frequently Asked Questions Of The ring jewelry box.

Q1.Where can I buy a ring box?

Smileshe sells its products and services in apparel, shoes and jewelry categories, including ring jewelry boxes and watch cabinets and watch cases. If you are looking for these products, Smileshe can be your candidate.

You can buy any ring jewelry box you want on this website. That is an independent shopping website that specializes in ring jewelry boxes and jewelry boxes. Here are a dazzling array of ring jewelry boxes for everyone to choose slowly. There are not only exquisite ring jewelry boxes but also various travel jewelry boxes suitable for travel. Various styles and high-cost performance.

Q2.How to wrap a ring box?

Wrapping the ring in an exquisite ring gift box is a fun and simple way to surprise your loved one. When your loved one sees your well-wrapped ring gift box in front of her, she should be pleased. No one doesn't likes exquisite and well-prepared gifts. Therefore, packing the ring gift box is also very important. What do you need? Prepare a box that fits the size of the ring gift box, and prepare some good-looking wrapping paper, some ribbons and a pair of scissors and tape as packaging tools.

Measure and cut out suitable wrapping paper for your box to unfold your wrapping paper. Place the box upside down in the center of the unfolded paper so that the seam of the paper will be at the bottom of the package. Flip the paper over the top of the box from one side up to the opposite edge. Use extra wrapping paper to cover the uncovered side of the box, cut the paper, cut out the size that fits the packaging, and fix the paper on the box with tape for packaging. Add ribbon decoration after packing the box. Then put the ring gift box into the packaged box, and the ring gift box will be packaged.

Q3.How to make a wood ring box?

Step 1: Prepare some wood, drills, saws, hinges, and screws.

Step 2: First, cut off the wood part you will use for the box. Cut it with a saw, clean the edges and make it smooth.

Step 3: Drill the pocket. Use a drill to drill a hole in the boxwood for placing the ring.

Step 4: Sanding, sanding and more sanding.

Step 5: When installing the hinge on the back of the box, make sure to drill holes where the screws are. And install all the screws.

Step 6: Put a sponge in the pocket of the box. That's it!

Q4.How to hide an engagement ring box?

How should you hide this engagement ring jewelry box in your pocket? You may worry that you will be destroyed by the surprise you prepared for her once you are easily discovered.

First, choose to wear loose clothes that day. Choose to hide the ring jewelry box with loose trousers or tops to cover up any bumps.

Second, choose a small exquisite ring gift box. The smaller the ring gift box, the easier it is to hide.

Q5.How to make a Velvet ring box?

A tool to be made. Velvet, scissors, cardboard, ribbon, double-sided tape, glue gun, scissors, ruler.

Step 1-Outer layer of the box: 

  • Cut two 2x 8cm (for the lid) and 1.6x 8cm (for the bottom). 
  • Fold them into a square shape and secure them with tape. 
  • Wrap the velvet ribbon around the outer layer to obtain the desired length. 
  • Wrap the velvet ribbon to the outer layer with double-sided tape.

Step 2-Make the lid and the velvet cover at the bottom:

  • Cut two pieces of cardboard and wrap them with a velvet ribbon.
  • Insert the inner layer into the outer layer and fix it with a glue gun. 
  • Use a glue gun to glue the velvet cover to the lid and bottom.

Make a sponge bed for your ring: 

  • Cut out a suitable sponge and wrap it with a velvet ribbon. 
  • Glue the velvet ribbon to the sponge with double-sided tape. 
  • Glue the sponge to the bottom, and you will make your velvet ring box!

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